Elbrus Race 2010

In September 2010 I attended the Elbrus Race [Blogger Posts]. Below is a gallery of images from the race organizers. I was entered at bib number 24.

I was also featured a few times in a promotional video [1:04, 1:13, 1:33] that the event promoters created as a “trailer”.

Elbrus Race 2010 in fact was the driving force and motivation for the best period of serious intense training I have ever endured. I trained twice a day, doing weight and cardio splits that carried me above and beyond all previous training, and got me down to 14% bodyfat (elite for my age according to the charts) from my starting point of 28%.

I really liked the spirit of the competition, and have seriously considered returning, though in 2011 the area was closed for various reasons. This year it’s open again, and the race is going to be held a few weeks earlier, at the end of August. In 2010 I had been given water right out of the drain pipe without being treated by the cook in the hut. I managed to pass the qualification race in spite of having to stop and “use the rocks” because of dysentery. I was too sick to continue and the event physician medicated me and pulled me from the race.

Here is a brief rundown of the articles from that period on my old blog:

  1. Elbrus Race 2013 Facebook Video Plus Teaser
    Elbrus Race 2013 – the book It’s available on Amazon right now, and I recommend that you get it and read it just for the adventure, if nothing else. In a nutshell, I returned to Elbrus after my attemp …
  2. Elbrus Race 2010 – Looking Back from 2012
    It’s been two years now, and I’ve been avoiding looking back at this for a number of reasons, and have just reread some of my old posts since I put up a story and links on my other Seven Summits Quest …
  3. Elbrus Race 2010 – What Happened and Why?
    Now that I’ve had a month to recover, rejuvenate, relax, and sort out my thoughts, I’m going to talk about the different things I discovered on this particular phase of my journey. Note that I’m not b …
  4. Elbrus Race September 2010 Photos
    My photos are up on picasa:Picasa Web AlbumMost are captioned. Enjoy … …
  5. Sadness & Joy – Elbrus Race Sept 24 2010
    Yesterday, 9-23 there was a storm, and the race was postponed for today, assuming the weather cooperated. As night fell, the clouds parted, the temps dropped, and the wind picked up.Due in part to my …
  6. Descent – 9-19
    I got 5 good hours sleep and 4 hrs tossing’n’turning last night, so much better overall. Maybe I’m addicted to melatonin? Breakfast of thin oatmeal so I added some condensed milk & butter. Again dark …
  7. Final check – Elbrus 9-18
    Breakfast @ 8 then 2 hr nap. Got gear on. Tricked my Polar FT60¬† into working 2 days in a row. Put ‘Little Hotties’ in my socks and shoes fit good. UA long underwear. Kuhl Renegade pants. Put in conta …
  8. Barrels – 9-17
    Hard staying asleep, drat jetlag. Groggy waking¬† up @ 6:30. Shower, repack. Breakfast @ 8, met Sasha, another racer. Bus @ 9. Stopped to get food. Then trams up. Little chair off, so we shouldered our …
  9. SVO 9 16
    Moscow customs & immigration went smoothly. Checkin for domestic flight to Mineralnye Vody smooth. Went to the train station and finally got my cheesecake! Feeling strong, healthy, though i only got 2 …
  10. Pre-elbrus days
    Spending a couple days at 10,000′ in CO mostly just enjoying the family, eating a few carbs and treats and some non-training activities like gym climbing. I’ve put a lot into this and given up much, a …
  11. Rainier Speed Test for Elbrus Race 2010
    This is my gallery from the speed and gear check I did on Mount Rainier, Sept 3 and 4. I learned that my normal light boot technique works fine in crampons, and I could do a great 1900’/hour uphill pa …
  12. Running Quandary – Gear Check
    Did a great test on Quandary today. Up in 1:35 and down in 1:10 – 10 minutes faster both up and down than my previous best. It’s getting close to the end now, so I’m figuring out my gear and finalizin …
  13. Training for Elbrus Race 2010 – August 11 2010
    It’s official. At this point in time I have been accepted as a contestant in the Elbrus Race, the highest race in Europe, this September. I’ve been training very hard, as I’m very serious, and aside f …

Elbrus is a volcano in Russia, and is considered to be the highest point of Europe.

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