I’ve had my fair share of adventures all around the world. I’ve written some great selling books about them too. Then several people started suggesting that I lead trips and organize them using the contacts I’ve developed over the years.

Why Climb With Seven Summits Quest?

I’ve spent years working on my own Seven Summits Goals, both the Messner List and the Volcanic Seven Summits. Most of us on this quest hire one of the large USA/Western guide companies and pay big bucks for first class accommodations and a little extra hand-holding. I prefer to go local whenever possible, and have developed a network of trusted local tour operators, guides, logistics providers and agents to work with me to give you nearly identical treatment as you get from the larger guide companies. I can’t name names, but be assured that these are the same people who subcontract for most of the big guide companies. You can find cheaper tours in many places if you’re an experienced traveler and willing to adjust your itinerary at the drop of a hat and put up with substandard fare. If that’s not you, then let’s get you hooked up and get you on the way to the adventure of a lifetime.

Decked out in trekking clothes from my Carstensz gear list

Decked out in trekking clothes from my Carstensz gear list

I’m not a guide, and I don’t claim to be one. I have mentored several people in ice climbing and mountaineering, but I am not a guide. I prefer to act in the capacity of an organizer and liaison with the local guides, porters, cooks and staff and help you to achieve your dreams in adventure travel and mountaineering in an economical and simple way.

If you want updates on all my adventures coming up, please fill this form out and I’ll keep you in the loop. I’ll send you information about those adventures, as well as some of my day to day mini-adventures, and some news stories you might have missed.

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Right now I’m giving away 10 copies of my best-selling paperback book “Carstensz, Stone Age to Iron Age” available on Amazon HERE. I’ll be selecting winner randomly from this list in October, so register now, and encourage all your climbing friends as well.


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At the belay boulder at the top of Scottish Gully

At the belay boulder at the top of Scottish Gully

Let’s all enjoy the mountains now, and this is the portal to the lands beyond where we are now.

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