My Packaged Expeditions to Carstensz Pyramid

These trips include an American Guide Representative. Sometimes myself, other times one of my good and trusted climbing companions. I’ve been there and done it all and experienced it all, so I can help you adjust to this wild and sometimes unpredictable environment and the people that live there.

Carstensz Trekking 18 Day Expedition Cost:

Deadline Fast Approaching!

Right Now $16,500 (USD)

Scheduling Now

Must have 6 climbers for this trip. Embrace the ultimate adventure. Reward yourself with a Trek to Carstensz Pyramid. Some itineraries are shorter than the recommended 18 days, and I will advise you to book your return flight with the full 18 day itinerary in mind. Some people use the extra couple of days to enjoy the ocean of Bali.

Carstensz Helicopter 8 Day Expedition Cost:

Right Now $24,500 (USD)

Scheduling Now

Must have at least 5 climbers for this trip. 6 is the maximum allowed. Tag Carstensz with a helicopter “trek” and nail one of the most elusive and least visited of the Seven Summits. Least days off work for a helicopter expedition. I want to go. Do you want to join me?

I’m checking my calendar right now trying to put something together for you, something special, so come back often or subscribe to the newsletter and I’ll keep you in the loop.

Lining up for our flight from Timika to Sugapa for our climb of Carstensz Pyramid

Lining up for our flight from Timika to Sugapa for our climb of Carstensz Pyramid

Quick, fill out this form and I’ll call you to discuss how to get you into one of these exciting expeditions to Carstensz Pyramid. Your time is getting short, and if the helicopter is your preferred mode of climbing Carstensz, then by all means get on board now, before they halt the helicopter flights again.

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