Christmas Bonus

Treat yourself this holiday season

Kilimanjaro is an amazing and beautiful way to treat yourself this holiday season. Whether alone, with a loved one or family members, this is one of the best ways to celebrate the season. As a special treat, invite family to join you after for a Serengeti Safari.

Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa, is a relatively simple 7 day trek that can be accomplished by most fit individuals. If you have any doubts at all contact me and let’s talk about it. I’ve done this exact same route at New Years. I remember the porters singing and banging pans at midnight. It’s something you never forget.

Enjoy a cultural experience like no other

You’ll enjoy getting to know your local porters and guides. They’ll share stories with you about their tribal life. You’ll get to see photos of their children. You’ll meet some of the hardiest and most cheerful people on this planet.

It’s almost like getting free airfare

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Imagine the thrill of putting your feet on the Roof of Africa

Your trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro is waiting for you to claim it now.

Machame 7 Day Kilimanjaro Trekking

20 December, 2015

  1. Arrive Arusha 19 Dec
  2. Begin Trek at Machame Gate 20 Dec
  3. Trek with camps 21-24 Dec
  4. Summit Friday, 25 Dec (Christmas)
  5. Exit Mweka Gate to Arusha 26 Dec
  6. Depart Arusha 27 Dec

27 December, 2015

  1. Arrive Arusha 26 Dec
  2. Begin Trek at Machame Gate 27 Dec
  3. Trek with camps 28-31 Dec
  4. Summit Friday, 1 Jan 2016 (New Year)
  5. Exit Mweka Gate to Arusha 2 Jan 2016
  6. Depart Arusha 3 Jan 2016

Machame 7 Day Price as of August 23, 2015

$2770.00 USD Complete – see specifics HERE

Add in a 4-Day Serengeti Safari

27 December, 2015

  • Arrive Arusha 26 Dec (or return from Kili)
  • Depart Arusha 31 Dec

3 January, 2016

  • Arrive Arusha 2 Jan (or return from Kili)
  • Depart Arusha 7 Jan

Deluxe Safari Price with Above Trekking

$2000.00 USD $1700 USD for everyone in your group – even if you’re the only climber

Contact Me and I’ll Send More Details by Email

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Why Climb With Seven Summits Quest?

I’ve spent years working on my own Seven Summits Goals, both the Messner List and the Volcanic Seven Summits. Most of us on this quest hire one of the large USA/Western guide companies and pay big bucks for first class accommodations and a little extra hand-holding. I prefer to go local whenever possible, and have developed a network of trusted local tour operators, guides, logistics providers and agents to work with me to give you nearly identical treatment as you get from the larger guide companies. I can’t name names, but be assured that these are the same people who subcontract for most of the big guide companies. Let’s get you hooked up and get you on the way to the adventure of a lifetime.